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Letting your property - Landlords


  • What sort of tenants will you find acceptable? A family and perhaps pets. Smoking would not be permitted.
  • Is the letting to be furnished, part-furnished or unfurnished? 
  • Does your mortgage company have to give consent for a letting?  Get any permission well in advance of marketing.
  • Will your insurance be affected by letting?  Remember – you will still be required to have buildings insurance.
  • IMPORTANT – Your Insurer must be advised that you are letting the property and check that you have full Landlord’s liability cover


  • Any gas or electrical appliances made available for the tenant’s use will need to be professionally checked and issued with the relevant safety certificate; this also applies to the main electrical system and is particularily relevant to any gas boiler, fire, cooker or similar appliance whether using mains or “bottled” gas.  A current Gas Safe Certificate is essential for each gas appliance in the property prior to letting and needs to be updated annually. An electrical safety certificate needs to be done every 5 years.
  • We can recommend tradesmen if you require for these services.
  • You should also consider any hazards specific to your property e.g. ponds and condition of trees and boundary fences
  • Any furniture/furnishings need to comply with Fire Regulations
  • Smoke alarms will need to be fitted to the property and checked regularly – these are your legal responsibility. If you have an open fire, log burner oil fired boiler or gas appliance you will also require a carbon monoxide alarm.   Once fitted the tenant should check weekly replacing batteries if necessary and if the alarm stops working (apart from a battery replacement) replacement of the alarm is your responsibility.
  • It is a legal requirement for you to have a Legionella Risk Assessment carried out for the property’s water system and to carry out any works arising to minimise the risk of Legionella.  


Who is to maintain the garden?  If it is to be the tenant, the garden needs to be in good seasonal order when it is handed over.  Any tools or equipment provided needs to be in a  safe condition.


One and a half months’ rent is held by the landlord against any damage to the property or arrears of rent.  This amount sometimes needs to be more on a furnished letting, particularly if antiques are to be left in situ.  We operate the My Deposits Scheme which registers and protects the deposit, for a charge of £40 + vat we protect, register and hold the deposit in a ring fenced clients account. More information can be found on

Please note that we are not members of a money protection scheme. 

Deposits are held in a separate client account and registered and protected by a Government approved scheme – My Deposits – (Tenancy Deposits Solutions Ltd)


All properties in England and Wales are required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).    We are happy to arrange the EPC as part of our package, along with a floor plan and professional photographs.


A professional inventory will be required for the property.   The landlord will pay for the inventory and check-in and the tenant will be charged for the checkout.   A list of inventory charges can be provided.


Assuming a 12 months’ letting, this can either be left to run on until the owner gives the tenant 2 months’ notice in writing or until the tenant gives you 1 months’ notice in writing at month 10.  Otherwise we can negotiate a new 12 or 6 month lease with the tenants.


  • Check the standing order for rent is in place
  • Advise utilities and council tax department of the tenant’s details
  • Diarise to arrange an appointment 6/8 weeks into the tenancy to inspect/check all is well with the property we are happy for you to come along with us
  • We only Manage  a few rental properties, but would be happy to give you any advice and help with the letting during the tenancy
  • You will need to double check the correct Insurance cover is in place


Our letting fee is based on 12% inc vat of the first 6 months rent. 

EG: 6 months rent at x £750 = £4500 X 10% = £450

Plus the cost of registering the deposit £40 = £490 + vat @ 20% (£98.00)

Total payable of £588.00 including VAT.

We only Manage a few rental properties, but would be happy to give you any advice and help with the letting during the tenancy however should you wish us to

Fully Manage the property:  ie collecting rent and being first call for the tenants our fee of 12% inc vat would be deducted from the rent collected each month thereafter, which would then be forwarded on to you. Any charges we incur relating to out of hours trades people would be deducted also. This charge would commence once we start collecting the rent.

EG: £750 x 10% = £75 + vat @ 20% = £15 = Total Payable £90 including VAT per month.

For more information regarding the service we offer to Landlords, call us on 01635 255501 or email

"I want to thank you all for your wonderful help over the past 6 years. You have been so efficient, professional and kind in finding tenants and I am most grateful."
Gwen - Landlady and owner of a small property portfolio in Brimpton

Renting a property - Tenants

As a potential tenant there are things that you need to be aware of when you consider renting a property:

Admin Fee – Both Admin Fee and Reservation Fee /Holding Deposit are due if you wish to take the property

Admin Fee – this is non refundable

£125 per applicant including VAT.

Reservation Fee/Holding Deposit

Once you have found a suitable property to rent, we don’t want you to lose out. There is £500 reservation fee to be paid, and this ensures the property is taken off the market and the reference process is started. The holding deposit comes off balance due prior to moving in. We can email the form on request

The £500 can be paid by cash at our office or preferably as a BACS transfer– details provided on request. We do not take cards. Unfortunately, some tenancies cannot move forwards after initial referencing and credit checks have been completed in other cases, a tenant may have a change in circumstance after the reservation fee has been paid. Brunsden Associates reserves the right to retain part or all of the reservation fee to cover incurred administration costs in event that a tenant is not able to proceed with the tenancy.  Should the Landlord withdraw from an agreement TO LET for any reason other than failed references then the reservation fee will be returned to you in FULL.


We are duty-bound to reference everybody we put forward. Your completed references will form part of a wider picture by our referencing process. We will also require photo ID and proof of address. Once the reference process has been completed a credit score, employment, and landlord reference will have been obtained and these will be shared with the Landlord. Once the Landlord has approved we will be in a position to offer or decline a tenancy agreement.

We understand that not everyone has a blemish-free record so as long as the Landlord agrees a rental guarantor could be an option. A guarantor will need to undergo credit and reference checks themselves, and an additional charge of £50 will be charged if a guarantor is needed.

Financial Assessment

The referencing company will require annual earnings equivalent or more than 30 x the monthly rental.

Tenancy Agreements

A tenancy agreement is the most important document for a tenant, a Landlord and a letting agent. Once your references are back and assuming they meet our requirements, in due course you will receive a copy of the tenancy agreement. Please take time to read every section before signing and returning the document to us. If anything is unclear, please ask one of the Brunsden Associates letting team.

Once the agreements have been signed by the tenants and the Landlord copies will be exchanged, please keep a copy of the signed tenancy agreement in a safe place. Brunsden Associates will also hold a signed copy on file for the length of the tenancy.


Brunsden Associates requires a deposit of at least one and a half times the monthly rent, this is payable in advance. As a reputable letting agent we will hold your deposit in a dedicated client account throughout the tenancy, and register the amount with a government-backed deposit protection scheme. The details of the scheme are available upon request and will be highlighted within the tenancy agreement. The deposit will be held in a special client deposit account, no charges are made for bonding the deposit and no interest is payable. Your deposit cannot be used, at any time, to meet monthly rental payments. Instead, the deposit will be used to pay for any cleaning, damage, repairs or other breaches of the tenancy agreement when your tenancy comes to an end.

Please note that we are not members of a money protection scheme. 

Deposits are held in a separate client account and registered and protected by a Government approved scheme – My Deposits – (Tenancy Deposits Solutions Ltd)

Looking after your rental property and respecting its contents is the best way to ensure your deposit is returned in full. We will aim to return the deposit, minus necessary deductions, as quickly as possible. If Brunsden Associates is holding the deposit, we will require written confirmation from both the Landlord and the tenants of any deductions to be made (email is acceptable).

Initial Rent Payments

Payment of the initial rental or other charges can be made by any of the following methods:

  • Bankers Draft
  • Building Society cheque – will need time to clear
  • Electronic Transfer
  • Cash to a maximum of £500.00

Please be aware that we do not accept personal or company cheques and are unable to accept cash payments in excess of £500.00.

We know you will want to move into your property as quickly as possible, and you can speed matters along by ensuring all charges and the initial rent appear as cleared funds at least 48 hours before the tenancy starts.

Rent Payments

Paying your rent is like paying any other bill, the rent due date will be set as the monthly anniversary of your tenancy starting (for example if your tenancy starts on the 5th of the month, your rent due date will be the 5th). Our selected method of payment is by standing order and your standing order must be set up so that the rental reaches Brunsden Associates or the Landlord (if the Landlord is managing the tenancy themselves) on the rent due date. This will mean that the rental has to leave your account around 3 days prior to the rent due date.

To keep things simple we will provide all the necessary details before you move in so you can set up a standing order with your bank. This must be set up in plenty of time. It goes without saying that it is essential that you have enough money in your account to cover the standing order. If your rent is paid late to Brunsden Associates, you will get a reminder letter. All reminder letters sent have a charge of £18.00 to cover administration costs.

Your standing order will run for the duration of the tenancy and it is your responsibility as a tenant to cancel or amend the standing order throughout the tenancy as appropriate.

Although Brunsden Associates likes to help in any way possible, the banks do not allow us to set up or cancel the standing order on your behalf. If you forget to cancel and the money continues to be sent from your account, there will be a charge of £36.00 to cover the costs of refunding any post-tenancy payments.

Contents Insurance

The Landlord’s insurance policy does not provide you with cover for your contents, so we recommend that your treasured possessions are protected by a contents insurance policy set up by yourself.


Brunsden Associates will contact all utilities and get accounts set up in your name, it is up to you to set up payment schemes etc. If you change supplier you must inform the Agent and Landlord.

TV Aerial

The Landlord is not obliged to provide a TV aerial to a property and if there is an aerial neither Brunsden Associates nor the Landlord are responsible for testing the TV aerials in tenanted properties as such we can’t guarantee the quality of the reception. In some instances, it might be advisable to install cable or satellite television – you will need to obtain the Landlords permission for this and any costs must be met by the tenants.


We understand that a pet is part of the family but please let us know when you apply for a property if you have an animal, or if you intend to add a pet to the family during your tenancy.

There will be extra terms and conditions for pet-owners that have to be added to the tenancy agreement and in some instances Landlord may ask for a larger deposit to be paid.


Many Landlords are unable to accept the following:

  • Sharers
  • Housing Benefit
  • Pets
  • Children
  • Smokers

The above restrictions apply to any tenancy taken unless agreed otherwise, in writing, prior to the signing of your tenancy agreement.

Managing the Tenancy

Tenants will be advised at the start of the tenancy who will be managing the property. If Brunsden Associates – Tel No. 01635 255501 Email: are fully managing the property then any/all maintenance queries should be reported.

If your Landlord manages the property all maintenance enquiries should be directed to the Landlord and Brunsden Associates will be unable to instruct works on the Landlords behalf.

Change of Occupants

If you decide to leave a rental property but have found someone to take over your occupancy, please let us know. In some cases a Landlord will be happy for the tenancy to be transferred over to a different person. The new occupant will have to pay tenancy set-up fees, even if they take over part-way through the tenancy, to cover administration, references and new tenancy agreement costs this fee is £150 plus VAT.

Early Release

If you have to end your tenancy agreement earlier than the minimum agreed term, we will need written notice immediately. It is worth remembering that a tenancy agreement is a legally binding document and there are financial penalties for a tenant who breaks a tenancy. These include: continuing to pay the rent until a new tenant has moved in, inventory costs and £300.00 cost for setting up a new tenancy. All conditions set out in the Tenancy Agreement will also apply until a new tenant is found. We will confirm all costs in writing. This is subject to the Landlord agreeing to release you from the tenancy.

Renewal of Tenancy

We hope you will be happy in your chosen property and want to continue to live there. Prior to the initial tenancy expiring and with the Landlords permission we will re-negotiate a new tenancy for you. The renewal of tenancy is not as simple as changing a few dates and often requires renegotiating terms. A new tenancy agreement will need to be completed and signed by both the Landlord and tenants as well as re-bonding your deposit. A new Tenancy Agreement will detail any rental increases and/or new conditions as well as any break clauses agreed. An administration charge of £90.00 will be charged to the tenant to cover the renewal paperwork.

If you paid advance rental of 6 months or more at the start of your tenancy, you will be required to pay in advance again for the full term of any extensions to that Tenancy Agreement. If you wish to pay monthly after renewal, you will need to be re-referenced prior to new documentation being issued. Re-referencing and new agreements will incur a charge of £100.

Terminating the Tenancy

Tenants are required to provide written notice in line with their tenancy agreement. Any such notice should terminate on a rent due date. There may be an additional charge.

If an independent inventory check in was carried out at the start of the tenancy then it is likely that a check out will be arranged for the last day of the tenancy. Tenants are advised but are not obliged to attend this appointment. The Schedule of Condition will be used to compare the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy to its’ current condition and a report will be compiled. At the time of the check out all items must be located as noted on the inventory, any damage repaired and the property cleaned (inside and out) to the same specification as it was the start of the tenancy. All keys must be returned by close of business on the final day of your tenancy or at check-out appointment and the tenant will have no further access to the property. If any keys are missing the tenant will be liable for the cost of a replacement key or for changing the lock(s). If items are missing at check out for which a member of Brunsden Associates staff must purchase a replacement, both the cost of the item and a shopping fee of £25 will be added to the compensation to be deducted from the Tenants deposit. If a check out appointment is aborted, a fee will be charged by the inventory clerk and may be taken from the Tenants deposit. Tenants must complete the moving on form and provide their forwarding address to Brunsden Associates for the purposes of forwarding post, finalising utility bills and returning the deposit. This form will be provided prior to the end of your tenancy.

Tenants will be liable for the inventory check out costs and the Landlord are responsible for initial inventory costs

Documentation Required

The following documents will need to be completed in full and returned to Brunsden Associates to commence the reservation process:

All tenants

  • Proof of address where you are currently residing dated within the last 3 months

This must be in the form of a bank statement, utility bill or council tax statement.

  • Photographic ID

This can be either a copy of your passport or UK driving licence.

European Union Citizen

  • Proof of address and photographic ID as highlighted for all tenants
  • Proof of address for the country of your origin

Non-European Union Citizen

  • Proof of address and photographic ID as highlighted for all tenants
  • A copy of your passport or official ID card
  • A copy of your visa/work permit / Indefinite leave to remain

"Renting my flat through Brunsden Associates was easy. They dealt with all the paperwork quickly and I moved in less than 2 weeks."
Helen - rented 2 bedroom flat in Newbury



Industry Comment – Q3


It looks like the early Autumn market should be busy with more prime instructions coming on and a good appetite for correctly priced homes in the area.

Thinking of moving? Call us first, we have unrivalled local knowledge and are very competitive on fees.

Call/email us anytime for an up to date market appraisal without obligation on 01635 255501.

Excellent fees, great service, an open and honest approach guaranteed 


"Very, very many thanks for all your help and co-operation – especially the last few days, we’ll certainly recommend Brunsden Associates to anyone we know – they go that little bit further than your ordinary estate agent!"

Jane and Tony, sold in Wash Common through Brunsden Associates


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