December 2013

2013 has been an amazing year for property with noteable features including:

  • Mortgages much more readily available
  • Strong buy-to let market
  • Business confidence returning
  • Prices likely to continue to rise in the first quarter of 2014
  • Local economy extremely buoyant

2013 has also been a record year for Brunsdens with excellent levels of business across our sales, letting and commercial departments.


The Autumn residential sales market is certainly better than that of 2012. Mortgages monies are more freely available and a general pick up in business confidence has filtered through so that the first 8 months of 2013 were the best for sales for many years.

Correct pricing is still key to attract interest and competition between agents can lead to “over valueing” in this type of market.

We all anticipate a busy run up to Christmas.

If you are thinking of selling or letting please call us for an informal appraisal without obligation on 01635 255501.

JUNE 2013

After a manic May a welcome increase in supply has meant that the market has now “calmed” a little. Mortgages are much more freely available and, locally, confidence is returning to the business sector which is all good news for a steady and more sensible market. As ever, correct pricing and excellent presentation are still key!


Although it is very pretty the snow has had a “dampening” effect on the market. Early January had been very busy so no doubt this will return as the weather improves.

The last quarter of 2012 was excellent in all respects and mortgages now also seem a little easier.

There are buyers out there and confidence is improving.

“Be Prepared”

With some notable exceptions the residential sales market is rather flat at present with too many sellers chasing too few buyers. Vendors need to keep prices under revision and buyers should not be frightened of making an offer.

September/October Market

The end of the holiday period has seen an increase in the number of properties coming onto the sales market as is traditional.

Buyers are still a little cautious about committing and keen to sniff out a deal so correct pricing and good presentation continue to be key for an early sale.

The residential lettings market is brisk with good demand across all rental price range.

Brunsdens have an excellent selection of current instructions so please contact us if you are buying or selling.

Summer Market

August can be a slower month for house sales although there are some good buyers around and some very lovely properties still available!

Traditionally the holiday period can be a quieter period and this may be compounded in 2012 by the Olympics and the dreadful weather in the late Spring and earlier Summer meaning that more people are now away for a break.

So if you are on the market carry on doing any of those “little jobs” to improve initial impact  and if you are thinking of selling in the Autumn now is a good time to get a free market appraisal from us with a view to catching the early Autumn sales market.

As part of the appraisal we will happily give you a few tips on any quick improvements you can do to enhance both kerb appeal and first impressions.

Double Dip?

The talk is of the dreaded “double dip” recession but we think we are some way off this.  Dealing with both commercial and residential property gives us a fairly unique perspective on things in the local property market.

We are still busy with letting smaller offices and industrial units (mainly under 2,500 sq ft or 240 sq m) which is very encouraging.  Based on previous “dips”, if the commercial lettings market stops the residential sales market follows shortly after.

The local business economy is definitely improving and so the currently “flat” residential market will eventually pick up.

This sort of market can be very frustrating for buyers and sellers.  Buyers want new stock, sellers are reluctant to drop prices and often forget the old adage “you buy and sell in the same market”.

It would help if the sun came out too!